diamond chart When a diamond is present to us by a client for evaluation, many questions are asked, but one in particular stands out: “What are you looking for?” The diagram above represents the best example of what “we are looking at or for”; all of these factors come into play prior to ever making an offer for purchase, for insurance appraisal purposes, or simply educating the client(s) on their diamond. Using a 10X (Power) jewelers loupe, grading the diamond from a face up position, we are able to determine the color and clarity. Exact weight is determined using a certified scale, calibrated for ct (carat weight); please note the diamond must be loose to perform this task. In other scenarios, using a hand-held diamond precision gauge and measuring by millimeters, we are able to determine the ct weight as well, with small room for err. Like most everything else in life, values change; diamonds are no exception to the rule either; every thirty days a new report is issued, sometimes slight, none or noteworthy changes occur. All of this information is broken down and reassembled in layman’s terms to assist clients in reaching their personal goals.