Diamonds are a Rolex Best Friend 1Rolex and Diamonds has always been associated with wealth, first and foremost. The beauty of sparkling diamonds around the bezel of a prestigious Day Date President or the hour markers adorned with the almighty sparklers.

Rolex has offered diamonds on their timepieces for decades. When the first Rolex appeared with diamonds is not really known. What I can tell you, Rolex does not and has never cut corners when it comes to diamond quality. Rolex only uses diamonds in F to G in color. No less. Their clarity is strictly IF. Yes Internally Flawless. So now you wonder why their diamond options are so expensive?

Well, Rolex figures if you are buying the best watch in the industry, you as the new owner should only have the best! Makes sense to me!

Each diamond is set by hand, not machine. Each diamond is handpicked and tested before they are set.

The most common shape is the brilliant round for their diamond bezels and hour markers. Rolex will use absolutely flawless baguettes and even pear-shape in their hour markers. These are usually found in their Day Date and Masterpiece lines.

So the next time you shop for a diamond Rolex, rest assured you’re buying the best.

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