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Diamonds are a Rolex Best Friend

Rolex and Diamonds has always been associated with wealth, first and foremost. The beauty of sparkling diamonds around the bezel of a prestigious Day Date President or the hour markers adorned with the almighty sparklers. Rolex has offered diamonds on their timepieces for decades. When the first Rolex appeared with diamonds is not really known. […]

What is Estate Jewelry?

The word “Estate” has been used since the 1830’s. The definition of Estate is simply; A native word for this was Middle English ethel (Old English æðel) “ancestral land or estate, patrimony.” Meaning “collective assets of a dead person or debtor” is from 1830. We can say calling older jewelry “Estate” is more of an […]

The New Rolex Day Date 40

The Rolex Day Date now known as The President debuted in 1956. It is the only Rolex model with a Day feature. All Rolex Day Date’s were offered in precious metals, 18K Yellow and the rare White Gold model. Platinum was also available and very rare in the early days. The original size of the […]

Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi in Gold

The Rolex GMT Master has always been my favorite of all Rolex watches produced. I’ve always been a fan of dual time zone watches and how they operate. Whether you are keeping civilian 12 hour time or the 24 hour military, either way it’s just a very functional time piece. The GMT Master was an […]

A Rolex of Firsts

The iconic two-tone Rolex Datejust. It’s always been the gentlemans watch in the Rolex line. First debuted in 1945 and the first self-winding Rolex with an automatic date feature. Rolex was also first with the two-tone model and the correct name for this feature is Rolesor which was patented in 1933. In 1986 Rolex saw […]

Colors Come Natural to Us

Kattan’s New upscale market philosophy is “Proactive” by  constantly anticipating the demands and needs and trends of today’s upscale market with: Higher standards in design, quality, terms, margins and customer service. Constant flow of Upscale Fresh Exciting New Products. Today’s Designer Styling Without Designer Prices. A proven commitment to bring ‘Margins’ back. Unbeatable creative terms […]