What can I expect when looking to get cash for diamonds?

When looking to get cash for diamonds in Houston, it is important to understand the criteria we use to come up with an offer. Many individuals associate a retail price with the diamonds they are bringing in to sell. Unfortunately, people will not receive a cash offer based off of retail price. It will be […]

Who Buys Gold Jewelry In Houston?

There are several licensed Houston gold buyers that are qualified to purchase gold jewelry, but the best place to go is Houston Gold Exchange. We buy gold, gold jewelry, gold coins, bullion as well as silver, diamonds, diamond engagement ring and authentic luxury watches. We offer a unique selling environment and we do everything we can to make sure […]

Colors Come Natural to Us

Kattan’s New upscale market philosophy is “Proactive” by  constantly anticipating the demands and needs and trends of today’s upscale market with: Higher standards in design, quality, terms, margins and customer service. Constant flow of Upscale Fresh Exciting New Products. Today’s Designer Styling Without Designer Prices. A proven commitment to bring ‘Margins’ back. Unbeatable creative terms […]